Disney Give A Day, Get A Day Promotion

posted Mar 4, 2010, 10:38 AM by Boy Scout Troop 856
I have created the volunteer opportunity for the promotion for the free Disney tickets.  Please go here to register.


Remember, you must sign up members in your household for this volunteer day.  I cannot do it for you.

If for some reason the above link does not work for you, go to:


Look for the promotion.  Once there, do a search for zip code 29544.  If you do not see the river sweep right away, sort by opportunity. That will put the promotions in alphabetical order.  Ours should be near the top.  The official name for the project is:

04.17.2010 River Sweep


I received an email today, stating that the program is nearing the 1 million volunteer mark, and will be discontinued once they reach 1 million volunteers.  You need to sign up immediately!!!!  I do not want you and your family members to miss out on this opportunity.

Reminder:  The troop will be going to Disney in October.  This is an excellent opportunity for your ticket to Disney to be free.  Please sign up today!


Neal Sarvis
(843) 283-1556