Meeting 05.10.10

posted May 10, 2010, 2:29 PM by Boy Scout Troop 856
There will be a committee meeting tonight.  All parents are encouraged to attend.  The agenda for the meeting is attached to this email.

Any scout who has not turned in your permission slip for the upcoming camp out needs to have it tonight, or they will not be allowed to attend the camp out.  The menus for the patrols need to be firmed up tonight, and a grub master assigned to purchase the food for the trip.  Duty rosters need to be completed tonight, and posted during the camp out.  

Tonights meeting Agenda

Flag Ceremony at the flag pole outside.

Scout Oath

Uniform Inspection

Patrol Meetings
Duty Roster

Skill Instruction
Archeology Merit Badge - Time Capsule Discussion

Inter-patrol Activity
Catch 10


Friendship Circle - Scout Law

Rules for Inter-patrol Activity
Catch Ten
Equipment: A ball; enough neckerchiefs for half of the players to each have one Procedure: Divide the group into two equal teams. Identify all members of one team by tying neckerchiefs on their right arms. The ball starts in the hands of one team member, who tosses it to a teammate. The opposition tries to intercept the ball. As the first player catches the ball, he shouts “One!” and throws the ball to another teammate, who shouts “Two!” as he catches the ball. This continues until the number 10 has been reached. If a player from the opposing team intercepts the ball, he shouts “One!” and his team then tries to reach ten. As teams intercept the ball, they must always start over with the number one.
Scoring: Each time a team makes 10 consecutive catches in a row, their team scores one point.  First team to 6, wins.