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Remember that the Eagle Scout Project is a 4 step project.  Each step needs to be completed in order.  The steps are:
  1. Write a brief description of your project idea in your workbook.  Then discuss the idea with your Scoutmaster and benefiting organization to determine if the project is feasible.  Have your Scoutmaster and the benefiting organization representative sign off on the project idea before moving on to step number 2.
  2. Plan your project in detail.  For details on how to effectively do the planning, see the Eagle Scout Project Planning Guide link above.  This phase of the project will be the most difficult part of the project for most Scouts.  Your plan is your roadmap to your project.  Your plan should be detailed enough that another Scout could follow your project plan to completion in case you are not able to complete the project yourself.  Once you have completed your written plan, the plan must be approved by your Scoutmaster, your Unit Committee, and the District Advancement Chairman before you begin working on the project.
  3. Work your plan!  You have spent a great deal of time planning the project, so now, stick to the plan and bring the project to life.
  4. Now that your project is complete, it is now time to reflect on how well your plan worked.  In your project workbook, detail how well your project proceeded, and discuss and changes that were necessary and why.  What did you learn as a leader while carrying out the project?  If you had to do it over again, what would you do differently.  You and your Scoutmaster should review your project and make sure that everything is complete.  Once you are sure that everything is complete, you and your Scoutmaster will need to sign the statement at the end of your project signifying the projects completion.
Congratulations on a job well done.  Make sure that all of the requirements for Eagle Scout are completed before your 18th birthday.  Good luck on your Board of Review.
Boy Scout Troop 856,
Dec 7, 2016, 7:57 AM